New USCCA Classes in 2018

At the end of 2017 the USCCA announced two new classes that we will be offering in 2018.

The first class is Countering Mass Shooter Threats on January 27th

  • This class takes a look at recent mass shooting events like Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook educate you on how these massacares took place so we can understand how to take against them.
  • We review the impact of magazine capacity and universal background checks in preventing mass shootings
  • Then we shift gears into actions that can be taken by every person and recommended by the DHS.  Run, Hide, or Fight.
  • If we have to deal with a emergency the best way to do that is to have a Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that everyone is familiar with.  Remember your organization will need this whether you have an active shooter, someone has a heart attack, or someone breaks a leg walking into your building.  Time is the critical factor in getting professional help to those injured.
  • Lastly we will review the basic first aid that you should know in the event of a mass casualty event.  Including tourniquets, pressure bandages, and CPR.


The second class is Emergency First Aid

  • This course is for civilians who want to know how to treat injuries before professional medical help arrives.  This could be a car accident, mass shooter, or out in the woods.
  • Gain the medical training you need to save lives during the critical minutes it takes for the ambulance to arrive.
  • Develop the confidence to treat yourself and family with a clear and calm head through the chaos.
  • We will do more than show you how to use a regular medical kit.  You will learn how to repurpose items into life-safe tools.
  • The course covers tourniquet use, CPR, and shock also.
  • Course is recognized for OSHA Basic First Aid

These are exciting new classes that we have added to the calendar and hope to see you there.  We can also bring these classes to you if your organization would like to sponsor them.