Why start 2018 with the right training

I’ve always heard that skills are a perishable and that applies to firearms just as much as it does to a runner.

If you’ve ever known a runner who is serious about competing in races you know that they track their time when they practice and when they race.  Comparing all the numbers to see if they are getting better, holding, or are slower than the last time.  If they miss a day or a week due to illness or something else that takes them off the road it impacts their numbers

The same is true for a shooter.  You attend training and you are walked through a new skill by the instructor and then you gradually increase your competence until you feel great about it.  Something like drawing from a holster where you need to sweep your coat away, get the proper grip on the firearm and then draw confidently to address the threat.  You leave that training feeling that it was a great use of time.

Then time passes, a week, a month, a year and you need to draw your firearm quickly.

Any idea how well you’ll do?

Probably not as well as you did in the training class unless you’ve continued to practice that skill frequently.

Here are our suggestion

  • Visual what you would do when you are at different places.  At dinner, at the store, or just sitting around your house.  It’s highly likely that these are the places you will need to use your skills at.  Visually will exercise your mind in what you will do.  Seeking cover, finding an exit, and imagining drawing from your holster.
  • Each time you remove your pistol from your holster use it as a practice session to draw properly.  Sweep any garment out of the way, get the proper grip on the firearm, and draw properly (remember to do this in safe direction and not in the direction of anything you are not willing to destroy)
  • Commit to attend as much training in the new year as you can afford and get time off.  This could be a single class or 40hrs worth of training.  Remember during a violent assault you are not going to be wishing you took LESS training.

If you time allow check out our training schedule and hopefully we’ll see you in 2018 in one of our classes.

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