A Different take on Active Killer Scenarios

Make no mistake about it but if you intend to do harm to someone I feel you should be severely punished.  Unlike our media and politicians I want to talk about what individuals can do to improve their chance of survival in a Active Killer situation.  Whether they use a firearm, a truck, or knife they are intent upon killing anyone in their way.
I stay away from calling anything but Active Killers because they are killing people and the no matter what the object they use is they are killers.
  1. Most Active Killer events are over in 2-3 minutes.  With that knowledge you should also know that it will be up to you to be your own first responder until Police and Medical can reach you.
  2. Since it’s unlikely that the killer will be stopped before they leave or commit suicide you MUST become an active participant in your rescue.
  3. This includes learning first aid for yourself and others, confronting the attacker, hiding from the attacker, or escaping.  All of these options will put you at different levels of risks but you must make a choice as to what you are willing to do and you can live with.
  4. Learn first aid and how to use a tourniquet properly and how to stop bleeding by packing a wound using gauze with a hemostatic agent.  Remember when first responder arrive their first priority will be to ensure the area is safe and secure for the paramedics to come in and work.  This could be 5 minutes or 30 minutes.
  5. Be aware of where you are and those around you.  In an active killer situation you want to be aware of everything that is going on around you so that you can make the best decision for you.  Your
  6. Evil exists in the world today and we need to take steps to reduce our chance of becoming a victim but if evil does find us at least we have a better chance of survival.
We live in a time when active killers are routinely reported in the media and politicians are always ready with talking points to further their agenda but any change in the laws will be slow.
Realize the environment we live in and that evil has always existed and evil will find a way to prey on the innocent and NO law can ever get ride of evil everywhere.