Things to Consider about Today’s Active Killers

Lots of talk about School Killers and how to solve the situation.  I’ve included some interesting articles that are worthwhile to read to get a perspective about what is going on and dealing with it.

The first article is from Erik Kondo and he points out that everyone has a pet solution to the problem and every pet solution doesn’t address the problem as a whole.  Read the article and then think about your pet solution and if it’s a great as you thought it was before reading it.

Think You Know How to Stop School Shootings? Think Again! – Erik Kondo

So from that article we find that it’s a pretty difficult to resolve the issue we have with school killing.  What can you do?  The solution will be found in the long term but in the short you can help you school by asking questions about their plans.  This article from Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA) is a good start on what questions to ask the school and school district.  GDBA does high risk protection so they have thought a lot about how to secure these high risk people, places, and things.

The last article is from USA Today about why the Active Killer (Shooter) training isn’t preventing these kinds of killing sprees in our school.

Hopefully these articles get you thinking about what you can do to help safe guard the children in our school.   We all know that fixing a problem like this isn’t going to happen over night and is going to take a lot of thinking but as our politicians, law enforcement, and educators try to figure out what can be done to secure our schools, we as the citizens also need to hold them accountable for coming up with solutions and not talking points to this problem.