Renewing your Ohio CCW license

Your Ohio CCW license is good for 5 years and you can renew your license within 90 days of your expiration date.
  1. Schedule an appointment or walk-in to your Sheriff’s office
  2. Submit your application (do not sign till you get to Sheriff’s office) and payment to your Sheriff
  3. Sheriff will issue your CCW license within 45 days

  1. Check out and find out when you Sheriff will take applications (Some are walk up and others you need to have an appointment)
    • Bring your Ohio CCW license (expired or not)
    • Bring a state issue photo ID (i.e. drivers license or state ID card)
    • Bring a color pass port photograph (This is not the picture they will use for your license)
    • Bring cash or a money order made out to the Sheriff’s office to pay for your application ($67 for Ohio residents 5 years or more, $77 for everyone else)
    • When you apply they will have you sign your application, take your application and photo, take payment, and will take your photo for your license
  2. Your Sheriff will make a determination based on your background within 45 if you qualify for an Ohio CCW license
    • Once your Sheriff issues your license you will either need to pickup your license from them or they will mail it to you.  This is dependent upon department policy
Note1: Once you have an Ohio CCW license it is your proof of training for any future renewals
Note2: There is no longer a training requirement (range competency) for Ohio CCW renewals