Self Defense Benefit “Insurance” Options

Although we are calling this Self Defense Insurance (because you sure hope you’ll never need it) we are really talking about the three types of plans that are currently on the market.
  1. Insurance underwritten policy – In this arrangement the company that sold the policy will pay a portion of the your payment to an insurance who underwrites a policy in the case of a claim.  Example of this would be member benefits from USCCA, Second Call Defense, US Law Shield, and NRA Carry Guard
  2. Legal service plans – Offered by law firms that will fund your legal defense.  An example of this would be CCW Safe
  3. Members network – A membership based program where the members fund the benefits to it’s members.  An example of this would be the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network (ACLDN).

Insurance Products
Note: Silver level is available by calling customer service
Second Call Defense
Full Coverage
Cadillac Protection
NRA Carry Guard
Gold Plus
Note: NRA Carry Guard only provides 20% of their coverage up front.  The remaining 80% is paid once you are acquitted or charges are dropped.  They do not pay if you are found guilty
Legal Service Plans
US Law Shield $131.40 for your home state / $166.80 nation wide
– Unlimited legal fees for members but no funding for experts or investigations
CCW Safe $179 with valid CCW permit
– Clients must use their attorneys but there is no out of pocket expenses for criminal or civil trials
Member Network
ACLDN $135 first year and $95 renewals
– Plan limits are based upon the finances of the network and the merits of your case
Thoughts on the options
With how litigious our society has become you could find yourself charged with a firearm crime simply because your were in the wrong place and the wrong person noticed your legally carried firearm.  You could also need it because you were forced to defend yourself against an unlawful attack.  Either way legal bills stack up very quickly and you want the best legal defense on your side from the beginning.
Which one is the best?
Each plan caters slightly differently to a segment of the market.  Some offer in person training and others offers on-line training.
Our suggestions is look over each plan and visit the links above and determine what your budget can handle.  Just remember that a simple charge could run you a minimum of 10k to 50k while a major charge and trial could be over 250k.
American Defense Training has an affiliate relationship with several of the companies reviewed and offer links to their plans on our network.  This relationship does not change our recommendation that everyone should look into a plan and spend a little money to be safe.  Remember we have auto and house insurance hoping we will never use it and having a member benefit that you can use in case of a self defense claim is wise.
Note: We have updated this article to correctly describe coverage for self defense as a member benefit because insurance cannot be used to cover an intention act of injuring someone even if it is justified.  Similar to intentionally crashing your car.